2 Easy Hacks to Lower the Carbs in Your Favourite Soul Foods

Sticking to a lower-carb diet during Winter can be a challenge, we know! Not only is your body craving rich, soul-satisfying foods, but a lot of these Winter warming options are some of the most carbohydrate dense. 

Rather than blow out your diet or feel restricted - the trick is to get creative and make a few simple tweaks to create the dishes you’re craving. To help you on your journey this Winter, we’ve put together our top 2 favourite tricks for easily lowering the carb content of your favourite soul foods - without any compromise.


1. Get creative with vegetables:

There are a few key vegetables that are extremely versatile and perfect for adding to recipes as a direct swap for some of the most carb-rich foods (e.g pasta). 


Zucchini - Not only is it very low-carb, but it also has a subtle taste that won’t overpower any dish you make or make it overly ‘vegetable-tasting’ (you know what we mean!).

We love grating zucchini into our porridge to ‘bulk’ it up - meaning we can use less oatmeal for the same volume of food.

You can also spiralise zucchini into ‘zoodles’ to use as a pasta-replacement for bolognese, or slice it lengthwise and use as pasta sheets for your next lasagne.


Cauliflower - Another great option for adding to porridge (we promise you won’t taste it), as well as grating and cooking as a replacement for rice in your Winter curries or stir-fries.

Best of all, cauliflower can even be used to create a low-carb pizza base and Mac N Cheese - two of the most popular Winter recipes!


Pumpkin - While a little higher in carb than the above 2 veggies, using pumpkin can still almost halve the carb content of some of your favourite meals. Use pumpkin instead of potato to create wedges or fries, spiralise to create a more satisfying option than zoodles (with still lower carbs than pasta), or use instead of potato to create a creamy Pumpkin Mash. 


2. Swap out sugar for Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener:

If you’ve got a sweet-tooth, this one is a no-brainer! Our Lakanto Monkfruit Sweeteners are a 1:1 replacement for sugar - meaning you can easily get rid of the sugar and ditch the excess carbs in all your favourite recipes with one simple swap of ingredients.

Here’s some inspiration for how you can create some Winter-warming options without any sugar needed when using Lakanto:


Not only can you cook and bake with the Monkfruit Sweeteners, but you can also add a teaspoon to your teas, coffees and any hot drinks you’re enjoying this Winter to sweeten it up without any unnecessary added sugar. You can also sprinkle it on your warm porridge in the morning, stir it through a plain Greek yoghurt instead of opting for a sugar-sweetened one or whip up your own Chocolate Hazelnut spread to use on your toast!