4 Anzac Day Recipes (that aren't loaded with sugar)

The biscuit tin is a long-time staple of any Aussie kitchen, and come April, they’re usually full to the brim with ANZAC Day treats. Unfortunately, with the good ol’ biscuit tin often comes a big wallop of the sweet stuff. Until now! That’s right, we’ve got you covered for Anzac Day with four of our favourite Anzac inspired recipes reimagined without any added sugar. 

Anzac Biscuits 

The original Anzac biscuit without the sweet stuff?! We promise these ones are every bit as buttery, oaty, sweet and delicious as their traditional counterparts. 

If you're interested in knowing the sugar figures... Here's the difference: 

Using Lakanto Golden Malt Syrup & Pancake Mix: 0.4g sugar per biscuit. 

Using regular golden syrup & Pancake Mix: 8.5g sugar per biscuit.  

The Ultimate Anzac Tart 

Theres a new favourite new Anzac treat in town! With homemade sweetened condensed milk and an Anzac flavoured crumble and all drizzled with our No Added Lakanto Chocolate Topping! It's the ultimate mouthful. 

Anzac Bliss Balls

Because we love turning our favourite desserts into bliss balls! So handy to snack on and a fun take on a traditional recipe. Oaty and sweet live together in perfect harmony in these picture-perfect morsels of Anzac deliciousness. 

Anzac Plum Apple Crumble 

Crumbles are known for their crunchy toppings and warming comfort food vibes, and this one deliver in spades, without the copious amounts of sugar. Finished with a drizzle of homemade custard, we dare you to stop at just spoonful!