Most Outstanding Pastry Chef of 2020

Lakanto is extremely proud to have partnered with the Australian Culinary Federation on this competition.
We have loved seeing professional chefs use our products to create new responsibly sweet dishes!
The Lakanto Most Outstanding Pastry Chef 2020 was open to all chefs, cooks, apprentices & culinary students. 
The 6 finalists were required to prepare cook & serve 1 portion of a dessert suitable for use in a restaurant service, showcasing a variety of techniques. A big thank you to all the entrants!
We will be sharing all the finalists recipes over the coming weeks on our recipe page.

WINNER: 'Halloween Tart' by Gunawan (SA)    Chocolate Short Crust, Sponge Cake, Maple Custard, Chocolate Soil, Meringue   

Gunawan is the Chef Owner at GL Patisserie in Adelaide SA & says "I am a very motivated chef and always trying to experiment making desserts in Unique way from the looks and also the flavours"

Click for his recipe or demonstration video
Thoughts from the winner on using Lakanto... 
‘A Natural and healthy sweetener that helps me create new desserts for people who can’t really take sugar especially for diabetic customers. Very happy to see more smiles because of my dessert, and Lakanto helps me reach a wider range of people to share this happiness with. Thanks Lakanto’

Gunawan will receive $1000 prize money & you can follow him on instagram @awi_wu 

RUNNER UP: Fall into Summerby John Cedrick Villanueva (QLD)   Spiced Maple and Yogurt Mousse Sphere  

John is a full time student at Axial International College in Brisbane QLD & says "Looking forward, I believe life is a continuous learning process so I would like to always learn new techniques in the art of cooking with the help of amazing chefs here in Australia" you can follow him on instagram @johncedvee

Andrew Wisken, Churchill Waverly Golf Club, VIC.

Chocolate maple cake with baked orange cheesecake, candied orange and popcorn

Caroline Pont VIC.

Vegan lemon meringue with coconut lemon mousse and raspberry coulis

Saima Wasim, Melbourne Polytechnic, VIC.

Flourless orange cake with milk chocolate mousse and orange jelly

Sunshine Dyer, The American Bourbon Bar & Grill QLD.

Coconut mango cheesecake with a mixed berry compote     

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