We won Product of the Year!

Lakanto is Natural Sweetener of the year!!!

1000 Australians were surveyed by Nielson Research and voted our Golden and Classic Monkfruit Sweeteners are the best, the ones to watch, the winner.  Having only launched last year we are incredibly proud and so happy our Australian community are loving our products.  

Top reasons why people choose Lakanto:

1. Taste, we are the closest taste match to sugar 👌
2. We control the full supply chain AKA seed to store 🌱
3. Proudly endorsed by I Quit Sugar and loved by our brand ambassador Luke Hines 💜
4. Inclusiveness; vegan, keto, gluten free, diabetic friendly, and supports reducing your sugar intake. We support so many diet and lifestyle categories 🤗

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Natural Sweeteners are trending

Back in 2012, the Australian Bureau of Statistics survey showed that on average Australians consume more than twice their recommended daily intake of sugar. Since then issues like diabetes and weight management continue to be major concerns. Consumers are actively looking for ways to reduce their added sugar, hidden in so many food items, used in recipes at home and when dining out.

Lakanto is growing our range and availability of low carb, keto and diabetic friendly products to help consumers replace their sugar without compromising on taste.

Thank you

The Lakanto Australia team is humbled and delighted after launching only one year ago, to be voted the winner of Product of the Year, as Ones to Watch in Natural Sweeteners. It has been quite a journey, starting a few years ago when we compiled the FSANZ application to permit monk fruit extract for use in Australia. This award confirms we took the right action and consumers want Lakanto to be available here.

Lakanto aims to help consumers live Responsibly Sweet lives without compromising on taste. Our team, with the help of brand ambassadors like Luke Hines, want to support people’s lifestyle choice with a low carb sweetener. We look forward to making the products accessible everywhere our community want to buy them.

This award will help us increase our distribution of our core and expanding range of Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetened products to be available for more consumers.

Our members provide us feedback via our emails and social media to influence what content, recipes and new products we develop, and we will continue to listen, and delight them with many new products launching in the year ahead.

The Winning Products: 

  • The extremely sweet Monk Fruit extract has been blended with (non-GMO) erythritol to produce a 1:1 heat stable replacement which cooks, bakes and tastes just like sugar, with no bitter aftertaste.
  • Lakanto Classic is a white sugar replacement. It has a clean, crisp sweetness derived from the white flesh of the Monk Fruit. 
  • Lakanto Golden is a brown or raw cane sugar replacement. It has a sweet maple flavour and smell, which comes from also using the seeds and peel of the Monk Fruit. The difference in colour and flavour come from different parts of the Monk Fruit, apart from the taste difference, the nutritional content is the same.
  • Both measure and sweeten spoon-for-spoon like sugar.

Our Story

Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener has a global healthy lifestyle, low carb and keto following for its sweetener and related products enabling consumers to live a #Responsibly Sweet™ life through an all-natural, one for one sugar replacement.  

With a mantra of being #ResponsiblySweet, all Lakanto products are made using Monk Fruit that is grown using the same ancient, traditional methods used by the monks that give the fruit its name. It processes the fruit using cold water extraction at its zero-emissions plant.

How was monk fruit discovered?

In the early 1990s, our Japanese founder, Shota Saraya, a diabetic, was searching for a sugar-free, natural sweetener that would not compromise his health. His journey led him to the mountain highlands of Guilin, where he was introduced to the legendary Monk Fruit, it was exactly what he was looking for.

In 1995, Lakanto was created to help people around the world quit sugar, to lose weight, help control blood sugar, and live a healthier life. Lakanto is a unique blend of high-purity Monk Fruit Extract and non-GMO erythritol.

We still grow and harvest Monk Fruit in the pristine and remote mountain highlands of Asia according to traditional and environmentally-friendly methods.

Watch our origins and process here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcv1auVT65I

Where you can find us: 

Lakanto has a range of natural, gluten free, diabetic and keto friendly products, including Classic and Golden that can be found in over 2,500 stores nationally and available in 200g, 500g and 800g packs.