Lakanto Pastry Chef of The Year Runner Up Recipe: “Fall into Summer”

 We are excited to share the delicious Runner Up recipe by by John Cedrick Villanueva from the Lakanto Pastry Chef of the Year competition held by The Australian Culinary Federation.

Congratulations on an amazing recipe! 

Introducing... The Yoghurt Mousse Sphere with Maple Caramel Sauce and Apple Compote on bed of Crunchy Apple Granola served with Maple Apple Ginger Sorbet. 

Watch his cooking video here


  • 100g rolled oats 
  • 50g Macadamia Nuts 
  • 25g Pumpkin seeds 
  • 1g ginger powder 
  • 3g ground cinnamon 
  • pinch of salt 
  • 100g Green Apple Pureе 
  • 80g Lakanto Maple Flavoured Syrup 
  • 4g olive oil
  1. Preheat the oven at 125 °C 
  2. Peel and chop the green apples removing the core and placing into a food processor to make a puree. 
  3. Roughly chop the Macadamia Nuts. 
  4. Mix the rolled oats, chopped Macadamia Nuts, pumpkin seeds, ground cinnamon, pinch of salt, and ground ginger powder.  
  5. Mix all the Lakanto Maple Flavoured Syrup, green apple puree and olive oil together. 
  6. Mix the two mixture together then transfer on a baking sheet with non-stick mat. Bake for 50 minutes, stirring after every 10 minutes. 


              1. Place the apple and 1 cup water in a heavy-bottomed saucepan over medium-high heat and bring to a simmer. Reduce heat to low and continue to simmer for 7-12 minutes or until soft. 
              2. Add maple syrup and ginger to the pan and using an emersion blender, blend the mixture until smooth.  
              3. Transfer mixture to metal container and place into freezer until it is almost solid and pulse in a food processor and freeze again for another 30 minutes or so. 

                    MAPLE SALTED CARAMEL SAUCE  

                    1. Using a pan, boil the Lakanto  Maple Flavoured Syrup until it reaches 107 degree Celsius. 
                    2. Remove from the stove and add the butter. Mix until combined. 
                    3. Add in the cream and salt. Mix until well combined. 
                    4. Cool down and place into pipping bag. 

                        APPLE COMPOTE 

                        1. Soak the Gelatine powder with the cold water 
                        2. Cut the apples into small cubes. 
                        3. Heat up a pan. Melt butter onto the hot pan. Add apples and a little water. Cook to half-ready condition. 
                        4. Add Golden Sweetener and stir. Cook until the apples become soft, but don’t turn into puree. 
                        5. Microwave the gelatine until melted then add it to the apple mixture. 
                        6. Divide the apple mixture on a 6 pieces 8cm half sphere silicon mold filling almost half of it. 
                        7. Keep in the freezer. 

                                      YOGHURT MOUSSE 

                                      1. Soak the gelatin. 
                                      2. Heat the yogurt up to 27 °C. 
                                      3. Melt the gelatin then mix with yoghurt. 
                                      4. Whip the heavy cream and Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener Pure Icing Powder until it has soft peaks. Fold the yoghurt mixture to the whipped cream. Transfer into pipping bag. 
                                      5. Fill in the 6pc 8cm diameter half sphere silicon mold. Place in the freezer. 
                                      6. Remove the apple compote from the freezer and fill in the remaining filling gap with the mousse starting on the side forming a hollow center. 
                                      7. Pipe the Maple Caramel Sauce in the center and seal with the remaining mousse. Place into the freezer until hard. 
                                      8. Demold the mousse into the mold and join them together scraping the side to form a perfect sphere. 
                                      9. Reserve into the freezer. Defrost before serving. 

                                                      CHOCOLATE GARNISH 

                                                      1. Melt 2/3 of chocolate to 45C over a bain marie. 
                                                      2. Remove from above the Bain Marie and add the remaining chocolate. 
                                                      3. Stir in until melted and cool down until 27C 
                                                      4. Return into bain marie and and heat until 32C.  
                                                      5. Transfer into parchment paper cone and pipe the Maple leaf design following the temple (see attached photo) provided over a parchment paper or acetate.  
                                                      6. Brush with golden powder after the chocolate is hard. 

                                                                  TO SERVE 

                                                                  1. Make the bed of granola on a “C” shape having one end more than going into the next end least than place the Sphere Mousse on the most granola end.
                                                                  2. Using edible flowers, surround the mousse with it.
                                                                  3. Cut some of the berries place randomly on the granola.
                                                                  4. Make the quenelle of the sorbet and place on top of the granola.
                                                                  5. Place the chocolate maple garnish leaning on the sorbet.   



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