Home Office Hacks

2020, the year we worked from home. 

Some have worked from home for years, and others have had to have a steep learning curve. As it will be likely that WFH will be the new norm for the foreseeable future, we have put together some of our favourite Home Office Hacks for you to set up or improve you space. If you're a working from home veteran or a newbie we hope you can pick up some tips and tricks below on creating your space. 


Natural light is the winner here. 

Try to position your desk near a window as studies have shown that by having natural light in your office space it encourages creativity, boosts your mood and increases productivity. 

If a window isn’t an option try using lamps, they will add a softer glow to help keep you alert but won’t strain your eyes like traditional fluorescent lighting. 

Computer Set Up 

Often unlooked but very important, your set up will help your posture and limit distractions. If you plan on working from home for a while having a monitor flat screen set up will help immensely.

When you are sitting at the dining table working on a laptop you a looking down for long periods of time, an ergonomic no no.  A monitor stand can also be a great addition to your set up as it raises your monitor about 9 cm to an ergonomic position at an eye level.

A stand up desk is a wonderful option, just don't stand all day, alternate 10 minutes standing, 10 minutes sitting down.   

Your desk chair is another important one, look for one with great back support.  It can often be challenging finding one that not only looks great but is comfortable. Swivel with a bit of cushioning instead of a rigid dining chair will be most comfortable for long periods of time.   

Plants & Greenery 

Bring life into your space with either indoor plants or fresh flowers. 

Adding some greenery brings a bit of nature indoors which has been said to improve productivity and satisfaction on the job.

Office plants can also increase the humidity around the desk, remove toxins from the air and add a beautiful bit of style to your workplace. Win, win, win. Just remember to water them occasionally. 

 Flowers are a wonderful pop of colour that immediately makes you smile! Who doesn't want flowers at their desk?! Hot top: Your local markets will sell then cheaper than a florist if you'd like fresh blooms without breaking the bank. 


Find art that inspires you. Have a single piece or a whole wall. 

Whether it be prints or landscapes or even just pictures from a family holiday. Something beautiful to look up at when your eyes need a break from the screen.



Airflow & Scent 

Fresh air through an open window is ideal, or in summer if you need to set a fan up to be more comfortable do it. No one feels like working in a stuffy hot workspace.

If you have a diffuser, choose uplifting citrus oils or peppermint oil to help you create a fresh, productive space. 

Set up a ritual where you burn sage or Palo Santo sticks at the start of work day, when you use it every day, it reminds your brain of past productivity, and signals at the start of each day that it's time to work. Plus it smells divine and it said to cleanse negative energy from the space. 

Storage & Minimise Clutter 

On the computer: Instead of cluttering up your desktop and causing yourself stress, increase your focus by leaving just one tab open on your computer at a time and minimising the rest. 

In your office: Minimise visual distractions, clutter, and paper-related mess to help you to stay focused on your tasks. It can be helpful to have a two-tiered paper sorter where on the top you place items that need attending or documents you are using regularly. Using the other tier as you need but clearing it at the end of the day. Distraction free for the next day. 

Multiple Workspaces 

Change it up occasionally.  Maybe go and work from a cafe, take your laptop outside and enjoy a bit of sun.A change of scenery can be refreshing and help with productivity. 


Don't forget to have a stretch session or walk the dog on your lunch break. All the great things that maybe you couldn't do in an office setting!

Your body and mind will feel a hundred times better for it, as let's face it, the human body wasn't designed to sit in front of a computer all day, so don't forget to move!